Context and challenge

This project was part from a covid-19 challenge. My team and I create this prototype for a mobile app that connects local shops communities.



We based our research on finding what made a local shop or business unique, authentic. The result of research was people love spending time in places where were associated with friends, owners or staff kindness and talking about life and helping to forget everyday problems.

The solution

So we focused the first result for challenge case study in create a user flow for searching and connect these special business around the neighborhood of the user. We create a prototype with two user flow:

  • Owner of authentic business
  • User of authentic business


Both user have different way to sign up to application, and the form will ask to each other for aspect that made that local unique, and the form will help us to map a big tree of local business on each neighborhood.


Inside the community around a local business would happen different things like:

  • Chat with other people that are already inside the community
  • Propose events or activities online or offline
  • Make special challenges or crowdfunding to help owner to improve the business premises or the community.



We testing with real users, first normal user flow. We did it with tool that allows us to create a mission test and open questions to test the understanding of the purpose of the app.


However, for business users, we made a video for showing it to these users and test their interest and if they saw that solution available and right for their business.



After the final presentation, we continue a little more in this project making a MVP marketing page with WordPress. We design the landing page and create a lottie animation for the hero part.

What I learnt

  • Making surveys for researching
  • Ideating solutions using Design Thinking Process
  • Staying aligned with my co-workers
  • Co-creating process remotely with

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